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The Grounds

Passing through the gated entrance to Chateau Lagorce, you can leave the outside world behind to discover an oasis of tranquillity and splendour. 


The winding drive leads you to a stone tunnel that opens into the central courtyard, where flowers climb the stone buildings, columns, balustrade, and stairs. Even though the site has been built on since Roman times, the majority of the castle was constructed by artisan builders of the epoch for an affluent Bordeaux family in 1766.  One tower dating from the 15th Century remains, and you can read more about the history here.  Since the Holmes family moved in 20 years ago, it has been lovingly restored; with an eye for detail and authenticity. 


The next tunnel opens to the terraces, where guests can dine and mingle whilst admiring the most breathtaking views to the woodland, lake and pool area below. Shade is offered on two sides by the shuttered stone buildings where wisteria and roses climb, and as the sun sets, the romantic festoons light up, creating a seductive ambience.

Terrace at Chateau Lagorce

The Terraces


The Terraces of Chateau Lagorce are truly a slice of paradise. The sunny south-facing disposition combined with perfectly placed trees providing shade. Breath-taking uninterrupted views across the valley, over the lake and to the forests behind ensures complete privacy from the outside world.  The beautiful Chateau with ancient stonework, shutters and rambling roses, behind you, provides far too many picture-perfect scenes to imagine.


As the sun sets, the strings of festoon lights create a heady, romantic ambience to ensure guests remain, toasting the perfect day and dancing under the stars, long into the night.


Chateau La Gorse is perched on the side of one of the many valleys in the premier cote (the first set of hills inland from the coast of Bordeaux). It is actually an old fortified castle that has been modified over the centuries until it has finally arrived as the perfect spot for a destination wedding. 


Each of the three huge terraces are cut into the valley, connected by two sets of stunning stone staircases.   The highest level leads out from the accommodation and receptions rooms. Descending the first set of stairs, you arrive at the second terrace with the centuries-old Cedar tree and Orangerie, where you will find a dance floor and bar (ideally set up for those who wish to continue the party into the night without disturbing other guests). The third, lowest terrace contains a beautiful hidden formal garden centred around the old fountain, the perfect romantic spot if one wanted to escape the frivolities.

Evening on the terrace at Chateau Lagorce

The Lake

The Lake

Down the stunning stone staircase, you arrive by the ethereal lake framed by woodland and to the pool area and the fascinating wine caves beyond.

The obvious beauty of the lake, with the reflections of the chateau's towers, makes it the perfect spot to create some magical photos, along with a tranquil stroll directly after the ceremony, for a bit of quiet time, before the celebrations begin.

During the stay, your guests can experience a fisherman's paradise - a rarely fished lake stocked with a wide variety of fish from small roach to huge carp. The lake is a real attraction for all of the castle visitors, and you might be lucky to see a flash of azure as a King Fisher streaks across the water or hear the splash as it dives in after the small fry that shares the water with the larger carp.

Sitting on the banks you can look out for the Dragonflies and the smaller Damselflies as the fly over the lake and small streams in the valley below the castle.

The Lake at Chateau Lagorce


The Pool

There is nothing guests enjoy more, to cool off and relax after travelling, is to jump into our huge swimming pool -  you'd be hard-stretched to find a bigger pool in a private let - measuring 25m x 7m.  Complete with sun loungers, an open-air shower and a changing area; the only things you'll need are a chilled drink in your hand to let go of any stresses and let the celebrations begin.


The day after the wedding the newly renovated pool area becomes a great venue for a chilled-out pool party with staffed bar, and DJ playing on the pool house roof. You can gaze up at the grand, elegant Chateau whilst enjoying an Ibiza feel party.

Swimming Pool at Chateau Lagorce
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