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Ceremonies the Chateau

Here at Chateau Lagorce, we love that perfect moment, where couples look into each other's eyes and declare their love and commitment, surrounded by loved ones, in the ultimate setting.​

Down by the lake, the rotunda is dressed with garlands and chairs are set up for guest to witness your vows.  The ancient stone staircase makes for a spectacular entrance as the bride descends to meet her betrothed. 

Photo 14-12-2017 21 23 00.jpg
Photo 27-01-2017, 20 34 52.jpg

But you may choose for your ceremony to take place in our gorgeous candlelit medieval French chapel, twinkly wine caves, on the terraces or in one of our formal reception rooms.  We will ensure that whichever setting you decide, you will be surrounded by flowers, smiling faces and beauty.  The perfect backdrop for your photos so you can relive that moment for all time.

Photo 03-10-2017 22 26 30.jpg
Photo 28-01-2018 10 53 56.jpg

Wedding ceremonies can be officiated by a local officiate or an English-speaking minister in this unique, picturesque and quaint setting.

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