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Choosing the right wedding flowers is a difficult task , as so many things are to be taken into consideration .
First all will depend on the venue as some places will require a little decorations and others will need a bit more .

The seasons change and so do the flowers

You will not be able to have the same flowers in May as in October but a good florist will be able to advise you, and don’t forget some flowers are available all year round .
The flowers play a big factor in the wedding theme and for this you can have great fun as they finalise the look , and can help you keep the wedding theme / colours going.
Everything can be coordinated from the bridal bouquet , the bridesmaids bouquet , to button holes , table centerpieces etc
Also flowers decorations and compositions depend on the time and place that the ceremony is being held , if it is a mid-day wedding , a late afternoon , indoor ceremony, in a church, outdoor ceremony, down by the lake or by a nice archway.
Bridal bouquets vary is shapes and sizes but your choice is dependant on the dress. For example a round bouquet migh work better with a princess wedding dress and a tear drop shaped with a mermaid wedding dress but in the end it is all up to you .

French Chateau Wedding

Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces do vary in size and shapes , from vases big or small to candelabras but dont we all agree a table looks so nice with even a rosebud .


The classic centerpiece above looks beautiful, but is not the cheapest and I know it is hard to say no when a florist suggests things but remember the suppliers can adapt and there are decorations for every budget .
Fresh flowers do make everything look nicer but if you have a smaller budget rose petals skatered on the tables will also look beautiful .

What does your choice of flowers mean about you?
But best of all the wedding flowers that you go for with say a lot about your personnality and what your wedding day means to you .
If you go for white flowers it symbolises innocence and pure love .

Pink is the colour of love and hapiness .

Red means passion and if you go for red roses it can also mean that you are very romantic .

If you do go for orange flowers it symbolises the desire but you also give a lot of importance to communication .

Yellow flowers can look beautiful , it symbolises joy , friendship but it can also mean jealousy .

Blue is the royal colour but it also the colour of power and determination .

Green and greenery in general does go with everything and it means optimism and it is a the most relaxing colour .
In the end it is your speacil day and there is nothing that will work better that the flowers that you have always dreamt of .
But one thing is for sure there are never too many flowers if they are well chosen .


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2 Responses to Wedding Chateau – French Wedding Flowers

  1. kylee says:


    My (soon to be) sister-in law is getting Married in Mougins, France on 6th September 2014.

    I am going to be her bridesmaid and I want to help her organize her wedding flowers. I have look at your website and am thoroughly impressed.

    I am wondering if you could send me some more details and also let me know if you are available on September 6th?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

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