Princess Weddings in France

There is a little princess in all of us just waiting to get out, since being a little girl most of us have dreamt about a princess wedding. At Chateau Lagorce in France we can make this dream come true…..

Once a worthy knight has been selected (something we can not help you with!), possibly the most important element to a princess’ wedding is the venue. Here we have the history, the entrance – 100 steps down to the lake where the ceremony takes place, and that all important French castle and tower as a backdrop. Stood by an arch of red roses your knight will await his princess – dressed in a classic wedding dress with a tiara to die for and a tear drop bouquet of matching red roses.

Once the ceremony has finished, the princess and her new husband would never ascend the 100 steps back up to the second terrace. Her horse drawn carriage awaits for a quick tour of the local French¬†vine-yards, for some oportune photo’s followed by a stunning arrival into the courtyard.

On the second terrace the princess meets and greats her suitably attired guests, to have the pleasure of champagne in crystal and silver service canapes. After a light afternoon snack and champagne the princess retreats to the refinements inside the chateau for the wedding breakfast. The chateau is suitably decorated with large candelabras on every jewel dashed table, and red roses stratigically places around the room.

After the meal the princess would waltz her fist dance away on the old stone terrace. Later on overlooking the valley her guests would be shocked by an array of splendid fireworks whilst the princess makes her way to her bedroom in the top of the turret.

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