Dordogne Chateau wedding

Are you looking for a chateau to rent in the Dordogne for your wedding? Have a look at this chateau just 30 minutes towards Bordeaux from the Dordogne.

Dordogne Wedding Chateau for Rental

The ancient steps at Chateau Lagorce - a wedding chateau in the Dordogne


Chateau Lagorce is just outside the Dordogne area of France, but as it is a little closer to Bordeaux, there are certain benefits to not being in the 24 (Dordogne) postcode…

  1. Possibly the most important in my view is the proximity of a major airport – Bordeaux airport is just 30 minutes away (using Sat Nav.), although Bergerac airport serves the Dordogne well it is not in the same league as Bordeaux. I even have horror stories of hire cars hired 6 months in advance not being there on arrival to Bergerac airport – sometimes the hire companies overbook an hire pre booked cars on a first come first served basis!
  2. Estate Bordeaux Wines – Chateau Lagorce has its own vineyards so it is possible / more often than not served  for the wedding breakfast. With this comes the breathtaking views of the vines on the premier côtes of Bordeaux (France’s Tuscany).
  3. Ease of access from the motorways – looking at the photo below you can see that Chateau Lagorce is easily accessible from the main motorways. This is an important aspect of choosing a rental chateau for a wedding, the last thing you want is your guests having a 2-3 hour drive on arrival at the airport.

    Dordogne Wedding

    Dordogne Wedding

  4. Lack of ex-pat community, although it is nice to be able to speak to English people about the local area, it can be a little off putting to feel like you are ‘followed’ by the local ex pat community, around Chateau Lagorce even in the larger towns it is rare to even hear English, as most English in the area are completely integrated.
  5. There are lots of amenities within a few Kms of the chateau, and Bordeaux center is only 25 minutes away, but at the same time we are in the vine country.

This is not to say that the Dordogne is not a very beautiful place to visit, it is just that in my view the benefits of renting outside of the Dordogne (all be it by 30 minutes!) way out-way the benefits of the Dordogne post code!

To have a little better look into renting Chateau Lagorce for your weding please click the link below:

Dordogne Wedding Venue Chateau Lagorce

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2 Responses to Dordogne Chateau wedding

  1. Hanne Kjøsnes says:

    We are from Norway and are planning to get married next summer (late juin) This chateau looks absolutely amazing. I like your package with 3 days stay. I am not sure how many guests we will be, but at least 50. What will this cost us?

    Best regards Hanne

    • admin says:

      Hi Hanne

      Thanks for the kind words – I’ve sent you an Email in reply to your question.

      Kind Regards


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