Chateau Lagorce’s End of wedding season review 2012

The 2012 season has now come to an end, in a season that we have had record numbers of weddings I just wanted to take 15 minutes to reflect on a long interesting year, before I set off on a well deserved holiday!!!

This year started hectically with the finishing off of 6 new air-conditioned en-suite rooms, it was hard work but we managed to get everything finished for Jo & Nick- our first guests in the new bridal suite. Along with a bonus – the orangerie was finished on the second terrace too!!

By May our season was in full swing, and breathing a little breeze of change into the chateau were the Russian Mini Club…..

Not so long after the Mini’s had left, the baby grand piano changed to a grand piano and was duly tuned!!

As the season went on we did continue on small renovations over the days where we had no clients (few and far between!), and the main benefactor of these renovations was the fountain on the 3rd terrace…. photo will follow on the main site soon (under the terraces tab).

All I feel that I need to do now is let all our brides to be into what I believe to be the most innovative and imaginative Idea’s that our brides came up with this year whilst planning their weddings…..

Cork Balls – Polystyrene balls with corks pinned all over – visually apt and beautiful

Guinguette evening or afternoon – A fun vintage outdoor easygoing meal with drinks, music and a taste of old France.

Mini personalized wine bottles as wedding favors – Chateau Lagorce produce 1/2 bottles with wax seals.

Cupcakes wedding cake – Not the tradition here in France but it is a great way to get the whole family involved in the wedding.

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to all my brides this year – it has as always been a pleasure working with each and every one of you towards making your most special day that little bit more special!!!!!


PS all brides to be keep your eyes peeled for exciting new renovations before the 2013 season commences, photo’s will be put on facebook – become a follower by clicking on any of the facebook links on our site.


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